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  • If you are using Electacourse material for more than five students in one year, it is much more beneficial for a large company, FE College or Training Provider to purchase an Educational Licence. You can benefit from discounts of up to 70%.

    Use this form to tell us about which Electacourse content you are interested in and how many students you want to have use the content. We will get back to you with a quote.

    The Electacourse Educational Licence is for 'seats'. This is best explained by example: if you have 30 students in a year but each student is with you for only one of three terms, you will need a licence for 10 seats. Once the student who has been using the licensed content in the first term has finished their course or left, cancel their access and then register a new student for the licensed content.

    The number of seats should match the maximum number of people you need to access the course or practice material in the same period.

    The licence needs to be renewed after 12 months for continued access.

  • Enter the number of seats for each product. Licence period is one year

  • 17th Edition

  • Inspection and Testing

  • If there are other Electacourse products you would like us to quote you for, please use this field to tell us which products and how many students.
    Would you like us to quote for setting up your Electacourse Educational Licence in a website branded with your name, logo and with your own internet address?
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